A travel colleague recently enjoyed a 2-week trip to Tahiti with a cruise on the Regent Seven Seas Navigator and it was truly a trip of a lifetime! Here are some of their comments:

Pre-Cruise Stay – InterContinental Resort & Spa

Our stay at the InterContinental Resort and Spa in Papeete was nothing short of magical! 


We were lucky enough to experience both the overwater bungalow and the ocean-view rooms, each offering a unique and breathtaking view.

The overwater bungalow was a dream come true with direct access to the ocean. The ocean-view rooms were equally delightful, providing a charming perspective of both the ocean and the picturesque Moorea. Breakfast was included, saving us $130 USD each day. The convenience and the delicious breakfast spread made our mornings even more enjoyable.

Indulging in a pre-set dinner at Le Lotus at the InterContinental was an absolute delight! 


The culinary experience was nothing short of exceptional, with exquisite dishes served in a stunning setting. From the ambiance to the flavors, Le Lotus provided a dining experience that added an extra layer of magic to our stay. A must-try for anyone looking to elevate their dining experience in Papeete!

The InterContinental team's flexibility and hospitality made our stay truly unforgettable.

Navigator Suite - Concierge

Our experience aboard the Regent Seven Seas Navigator was undeniably luxurious! The spacious room was adorned with extras like an Illy espresso machine, unlimited Wi-Fi for four devices, priority access to shore excursions and dining reservations, as well as thoughtful additions like binoculars and a tote. These amenities truly enhanced our journey, reflecting the premium nature of Regent Seven Seas.

On-board Dining Venues:

Prime7 Steakhouse

The culinary journey at Prime 7 was a treat for the senses, with delectable dishes and a charming atmosphere. The Caramel Popcorn Sundae is a must! So delicious!

La Veranda (Breakfast, Lunch)

Our culinary experiences at La Veranda for breakfast and lunch aboard the Regent Seven Seas Navigator were pleasant. The meals offered a decent variety with good quality, and the ambiance was inviting. What stood out were the made-to-order stations, including egg and pasta stations, providing a personalized touch to our dining.

Sette Mari (Dinner)

In the evening, La Veranda seamlessly transitioned into Sette Mari, embracing an Italian flair with inspired culinary offerings. The change in ambiance, coupled with the introduction of Italian-inspired cuisine, created a charming and immersive dining experience.

Compass Rose (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

The breakfast menu featured a variety of enjoyable items that remained consistent throughout the cruise, with the addition of one or two daily specials. What stood out was the inclusion of some Northern European items, including a diverse selection of herring dishes. This unique touch added a distinctive flavor to the breakfast options, showcasing Regent's commitment to offering diverse and unexpected culinary choices.

The standout feature of Compass Rose was the flexibility it offered in crafting our dining experience. The ability to select both protein and side dishes, along with the option to modify suggested meals, added a unique and personalized touch to our evenings at sea. 

Pool Grill

The casual yet vibrant setting by the pool created the perfect backdrop for some delicious bites. We couldn't resist trying the ahi-tuna burger, and it exceeded our expectations. The freshness of the tuna combined with the flavorful accompaniments made it a standout dish. The hot dogs and chicken wings were another hit, serving up classic comfort food with a gourmet twist. Ahi-tuna burgers and gourmet hot dogs by the pool – now that's a recipe for a perfect cruise day!

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea in the Galileo Lounge is a delightful voyage into indulgence! 


The elegant setting, paired with scrumptious treats and aromatic teas, creates a haven of relaxation. Sipping, savoring, and sinking into plush chairs – the Galileo Lounge turns ordinary afternoons into extraordinary experiences. It's not just tea; it's a symphony of flavors in every sip

On-board Experiences:


Our sea-days and evenings aboard the Seven Seas Navigator were nothing short of captivating, thanks to the delightful array of entertainment options that catered to every taste.

The onboard shows were a highlight, offering a mix of talent, creativity, and pure entertainment. From the comedian who had us in stitches to singers who serenaded us with beautiful melodies, each performance was a delightful addition to our cruise experience.

The inclusion of informative lectures added an enriching dimension to our sea-days, providing an opportunity to learn and engage with interesting topics. It was a perfect balance between fun and intellectual stimulation.

Adding a touch of adventure to the entertainment mix, I couldn't resist joining the geography trivia on the Seven Seas Navigator! The friendly competition, coupled with brain-teasing questions, made it an engaging and enjoyable part of my cruise experience

In conclusion, the entertainment aboard the Seven Seas Navigator was a diverse and well-curated lineup that catered to all tastes. Whether it was the laughter-inducing comedy, soulful singing, thought-provoking lectures, or the spirited trivia games, each element contributed to making our evenings onboard truly enjoyable


I decided to treat myself to a spa day aboard the Seven Seas Navigator, using up some leftover onboard credit. The massage experience was fantastic – the skilled hands of the masseuse worked wonders, and the added perk of access to the sauna and steam room took the relaxation to a whole new level. A definite win!


Our experience aboard the Regent Seven Seas Navigator was truly elevated by the exceptional service provided by the friendly and attentive staff. Every member of the team, from the dining staff to the entertainment crew, exuded warmth and hospitality, making us feel genuinely welcomed throughout our journey.

A standout was our suite steward, who went above and beyond in ensuring our comfort and satisfaction. From personalized touches in our suite to anticipating our needs, their dedication to providing an exceptional cruise experience was evident at every turn. Their friendly demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile made our stay truly memorable.

It's the people that make a journey extraordinary, and the staff on the Navigator demonstrated a commitment to service excellence that enhanced every aspect of our cruise. Kudos to the entire team and a special thank you to our suite steward for making our time aboard the Navigator exceptional!

Positive Surprises/Amenities:

Neighbourhood Party

One of the first nights we had a Neigbourhood Party – not sure why no other cruise line has thought of it yet. Meeting fellow travelers while sipping on a glass of wine, sharing stories, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere made the Neighbourhood Party an absolute highlight of the cruise.

Barbecue under the Stars

The Seven Seas Navigator turned the pool deck into a magical dining oasis! 


Picture this: a BBQ feast under a blanket of stars, with white linen tablecloths and the soft glow of candlelight setting the scene. It was like a dream come true.

The sizzle of the grill, the aroma of delicious BBQ delights, and the enchanting ambiance made for an unforgettable evening. Dining al fresco took on a whole new level as we enjoyed a feast for the senses under the celestial canopy.

No key cards needed

Cheers to the carefree life aboard the Seven Seas Navigator! 


One of the sweet perks of this cruise journey is that I've never, ever had to fumble around for a card to order a drink. 


Imagine this: a simple nod or a wave to the friendly staff, and voilà, your favorite beverage is on its way. It's the epitome of stress-free sipping, leaving me with more time to soak in the views and enjoy the moments.

Spirit Delivery


Stateroom Magic Unleashed!


Discovered the ultimate cruise hack – getting real, full-sized bottles delivered to your stateroom! No Mickeys here, folks, we're talking the real deal.

Picture this: a knock on the door, and voilà – a selection of your favorite libations right there in your cabin without being charged. Whether it's bubbly for a celebratory toast or a spirit of choice for a nightcap, the possibilities are as endless as the open sea with Regent Seven Seas.

Cheers to the Navigator for turning the stateroom into a liquid treasure trove! 


Free Laundry

FREE laundry that transforms your dirty laundry into neatly folded bundles right in your stateroom. No wand-waving needed – just a dash of onboard enchantment!

Imagine this: toss your laundry into the abyss, and like laundry fairies working their magic, it reappears in your cabin, clean, crisp, and expertly folded. It's like having your very own laundry concierge, making your clothes feel as pampered as you do on the high seas.

Major kudos to the Navigator for turning laundry day into a spa day for our wardrobe. A round of applause for the unsung heroes behind the scenes making laundry dreams come true!


Every island was picture perfect with engaging and entertaining hosts! We snorkeled where black pearls are cultivated, we learned to dance at private beach luaus, we enjoyed a glass bottom boat ride, we hiked to breathtaking waterfalls and we even swam with the sharks! All of these excursions were personalized for the Regent guests making you feel like you were on a private journey around the South Pacific. 

Overall this was truly a bucketlist trip and despite the long flights from N. America, it is a destination that everyone should experience!