Time is money. Time well spent. Make the most of your time. Lost time is never found again.

So many sayings from wise people over the centuries who all tried to guide us to ‘spend our time wisely’. I think we can all agree, especially now, that how we spend our time really does matter! Making those special memories, whether on a personal journey or with great friends or with loved ones, is going to be what you truly value and talk about at get-togethers in the years to come!

I understand the value of time. I am a busy mother of 2 teenagers, wife of another ‘traveling all the time’ Manager, committed volunteer with Rotary & other projects, and dealing with all of life’s other challenges like aging parents, pets, friends’ illnesses and planning for the future.

But vacations have always been something that we looked forward to! I would spend months planning out detailed itineraries for our European honeymoon or road trip Out East or from San Fran to San Diego, finding all sorts of activities for us to enjoy like a treetop ropes course in the Redwoods or whale watching near La Jolla.

I love how my travels, both personal & business, from Kenya to Scotland, from Paris to New York, from Peru to all across Canada, have given me a perspective and appreciation that I want to pass on to my kids. And share with you!

After a career in both sales & marketing, I wanted to take my planning skills and help others create those special memories so they too could have a stack of Shutterfly photo books on their coffee table that everyone loves to pull out and reminisce.

Travel is going to change in the near future. I cannot begin to have all of the answers right now but I can say that I will find them for you. I spend endless hours keeping up-to-date with all of the suppliers and training. I am a professional...this is my passion, this is my devotion and your well-being is my top priority!

So yes, there are ways to click a few buttons online and think that you have saved yourself some money…and perhaps time…but anyone who has truly researched a vacation knows the hours spent. Going forward you will want not only the destination & supplier(s) that can give you the best experience, but you will also want it to be the safest & most turnkey experience. And that value is truly priceless!

For meaningful travel & customized experiences, let me take care of the details so you can enjoy the memories!

‘Life and Time are the two best teachers. Life teaches us to make good use of Time and Time teaches us the value of Life.’

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